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For a special outdoor barbecue experience, we offer a weather-resistant outdoor kitchen for all seasons. A large portfolio of 22 outdoor kitchens ensures that there is something for every preference and for every environment.


That little something of our outdoor kitchens

We have already provided individual cupboards for the placement of e.g. waste water tank, gas bottle or even waste bin, so our other pull-out drawers and cupboards offer enough storage space for further equipment.

With the help of the foldable fitting, the sink can easily be turned into a work surface with our cutting board to be expanded.

The continuous worktop visually rounds off the modern design of the outdoor kitchen. 


Outdoor kitchens overview models S

Two construction types with 12 models
and 3 equipment options


with sink, drawer cabinet and drawer cabinet


with sink, drawer cabinet and teppanyaki


with sink, bridge and teppanyaki

Outdoor kitchens overview models M

Two construction types with 10 models
and 3 equipment options


with drawer cabinet, sink, drawer cabinet with revolving door and bridge


with drawer cabinet, sink, drawer cabinet with revolving door, teppanyaki and drawer cabinet


with drawer cabinet, sink, drawer cabinet with revolving door and drawer cabinet

Model M "Flagship" with gas grill


maet black Modell M
Model no. 210760

• Drawer cabinet with 3 drawers
• Sink cabinet
• Drawer with revolving door (gas cabinet)
• Roast-grill combination
• Bridge module

• Length: 2760mm
• Height of upper cross member: 1175-1350 m
• Worktop height: 930 mm
• Worktop depth: 700 mm
• Total depth: 704 mm


Individual modules

Already have a grill but still need a sink or a teppanyaki? Our bridge elements and individual modules not only create an additional work and storage area, but offer you an individual extension.










7 individual modules

  • Refrigerator module (left, right)
  • Flushing module (left, right)
  • Drawer module
  • Teppanyaki module (left, right)











12 accessory items

  • Sewage set
  • Waste set
  • Electric kit
  • Storage box (big, small)
  • Railing kit (4 pieces)
  • Cutting board
  • Storage board
  • Gasgrill cover

Our Story


The motto: "Industry meets home."

With this slogan, we, Joachim Walter and Julian Holubar, decided in 2021 to found a company - maet black GmbH.

Since our main business BeeWaTec already has a very strong product and we are one of the market leaders for steel and aluminum pipe racking systems in Europe, we decided to see what we can build from this modular system for the private sector. After many attempts, we came up with the key idea of an outdoor kitchen. The focus for us is the industrial look and what an outdoor kitchen should include.


Our partner

maet black is part of Wavision Holding AG, a group of companies with over 250 employees and companies in 8 countries.

With our strong partners we have laid the foundation for the future.

BeeWaTec in particular, as part of the holding company, is a real player in the field of equipment construction, i.e. in the construction of assembly workstations, racks and special solutions for production and logistics. The basis of its success is a modular pipe racking system and other systems that leave nothing to be desired.

"Authentic industrial design and genuine industrial quality."


"I really like the simple but modern design".

Our customers are enthusiastic about our modern industrial look. Our outdoor kitchen is not only suitable for private use, but can also be used for corporate events.

The fastest and most convenient way to your dream kitchen... with us!

We are available for a telephone call or personal meeting to discuss your ideas, requirements and wishes.